Brain injuries can throw entire families into disarray. The aftermath is an incredibly stressful period for those who have sustained them, as well as their loved ones. Many people affected are left needing round-the-clock brain injury support.

Here at Compassionate Heart, we provide nursing care for people with and rehabilitating from an acquired brain injury. With 18 years of experience from our staff in supporting people at home, our person-centered care plans are helping with severities of acquired brain injuries, including traumatic brain injury support and stroke aftercare.

With our unique and flexible approach to providing brain injury support, you or your loved one have the option to stay in the family home. Expertly trained and committed to who they are supporting, our cares provide the right level of assistance according to each acquired brain injury (ABI) classification. The varying of these injuries means that there is no universal nursing care plan. By working closely to tailor our brain injury support to meet your full requirements and outlined outcomes. Our care plan can include neurorehabilitation activities to help relearn day-to-day tasks.

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